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Bulletin 30: Tank Heating Coils

Bulletin 30

Tank Heating Coils For All Applications

Vertical Coils

  • Vertical design gives the best thermsyphon flow in tank and most efficient heat transfer.
  • Off-floor design allows for easier cleaning of tank.


vertical coils
chart 1s

Bayonet Coils (Horizontal)

  • Direct connection to tank mounting flange
  • All connections outside tank
  • Helical fintube oriented in direction of thermosyphon


bayonet coils
chart 2s

Horizontal Coils For Tanks With Low Liquid Levels

  • Parallel Flow for Steam Heating
  • Series Flow for Hot Oil/ Heat Transfer Fluid Heating
  • Fits thru a 23″ I.D. Manway


chart 3s
chart 4s
horizontal coils
horizontal coils
horizontal coils
horizontal coils

Note: Above Coils Are Standards

Heavier tube walls are available on all coils. Length of coils can be varied to suit requirements. Helical finned coils are available with varied fin combinations. Fin thickness is available from .035″ thru 0.134″ thick and its density ranges from 2 f.p.i. to 6 f.p.i. depending on thickness.

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