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About R.W. Holland LLC

R.W. Holland LLC is an ASME Code certified manufacturer offering both standard and custom heat exchanger designs. We can meet the design specifications for high pressure, high temperature, low temperature, and various alloy materials. Our dependable service is the result of decades of experience in our industry, and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.

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Our History

The idea for R.W. Holland LLC was first sparked during the 1950’s, when Richard Holland was working alongside Dan Eckenfels at an Ohio-based company producing hairpin heat exchangers. During his time there, Richard became the driving force behind the company, patenting everything from closure designs to design configurations for the hairpin heat exchanger. During this time, Richard began to dream about using his expertise to begin his own company.

The Move to Houston

This dream finally became a reality when Richard Holland founded R.W. Holland Inc in Jan 1969. . Deciding that Ohio was an inconvenient location for shipping purposes, Richard chose a Houston, Texas homebase to be strategically located next to nearby refineries. He started the business manufacturing filters and then developed a patented closure for R.W. Holland Hairpin Heat Exchangers. His long-term plans were to expand the product offerings of the company. Sadly, Richard Holland, known as Red by his family and colleagues, passed away from cancer at an early age.

R.W. Holland Makes Another Move

After Richards death, Reds wife Donna ran the company for several years with other partners. Ultimately the company was sold and moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. When Dan Eckenfels was the Vice President of Engineering for Brown Fintube, Tulsa, OK, the Bas-Tex Corp purchased Brown Fintube and forced Dan to decide to move to Houston or turn down the job. He ultimately turned down the job leaving him un-employed. Within two years Dan met another heat transfer man, Leon James. Dan contacted RW Holland Indianapolis and agreed on a deal. Dan and Leon were partners in RW Holland for the next 20 years. After the purchase, R.W. Holland was moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1984, where the company has been based ever since.

R.W. Holland Today

We’ve seen significant growth over the years, gaining loyal customers by providing dependable service and equipment. Since our founding, R.W. Holland LLC.’s products have become known worldwide for the quality of our designs and our excellent customer service. We continue to keep our focus on the future, looking for new ways to serve our customers’ needs.

Close-knit Company

At R.W. Holland, we are a very family-oriented company, and we take pride in our company’s history. The Eckenfels continue to honor the R.W. Holland legacy by retaining the original company name to pay homage to its founder, as well as operating the business according to the same principles and values that Richard first implemented.

Of these values, the greatest is our commitment to care for our employees as family. Because of this commitment, R.W. Holland experiences incredibly low turnover rates, and as a result, our company is able to provide our customers with the kind of reliable service that is only made possible by a tightly knit workforce with years of experience under their belts.

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