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Plug-and-Play Hairpin Heat Exchangers (HPHX)

Why turn around a bundle assembly in your Hairpin Heat Exchanger (HPHX), when you can replace the entire piece of equipment for only 40-45% more? Our customers have seen excellent results and believe plug-and-play is the way to go!

Explore the considerable benefits that come with a plug-and-play Hairpin Heat Exchanger. These plug-and-plays are available for any brand of Hairpin Heat Exchanger. R.W. Holland can simply and accurately replace our equipment or our competitors’ equipment.

Plug-and-Play HPHX Advantages

Fully Assembled HPHX Units

A major draw for plug-and-play HPHX units is that they arrive fully assembled, effectively eliminating the cost of the disassembly, bundle removal, clean out and re-assembly. Our plug-and-play heat exchangers can be ready in 4-8 weeks for most Hairpins.

Eliminates Risk of Injury

Another notable advantage of plug-and-play HPHX units is that, since they arrive fully assembled, risk of injury is minimized during the setup process. Moreover, the simple plug-and-play process also removes the need for assembly-related environmental clean up at our customers’ work sites. The plug-and-play system involves a completely sealed exchanger ready to bolt in place, ensuring a quick, streamlined replacement that is secure and reliable.

Taking Care of Your Maintenance Needs.

Plug-and-Play HPHX’s are direct replacements, so they can fall under a Maintenance Budget. This is advantageous because maintenance budgets usually don’t entail as many complications as purchasing budgets.

Because of our simplified process, R.W. Holland provides our quotes within days and completes equipment in 4-8 weeks. We supply our customers with less expensive units, with fewer complications. Furthermore, because plug-and-play HPHX units are designed for immediate installation, downtime is minimized, saving our customers thousands of dollars each day.

HPHX Equipment You Can Rely Upon

Because R.W. Holland centers our business around our customers and their specific needs, we understand the importance of delivering dependable products. We are committed to outperforming our competition everyday. We proudly surpass other HPHX providers in terms of quality, performance and quick turnaround without the risk of assembly complications or leaks!

We make it a point to ensure that our customers’ needs and requirements are addressed first and foremost on every project. R.W. Holland is proud to be a company that minimizes the red tape for your convenience. This provides us with the unique ability to deliver Plug-and-Play HPHX orders based on the customer requirements.