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Industries Served: Food and Beverage

At R.W. Holland, we understand the importance of making sure the food and beverage industry runs smoothly. If proper procedures aren’t followed, it can prove to be detrimental to the health of consumers. Because of this, we are proud to reliably serve customers in the food industry with our heat exchangers.

Why Use Heat Exchangers in the Food Industry?

While heat exchangers may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of the food industry, these pieces of equipment play a vital role in putting food on consumers’ tables. Processing foods in high volume requires large equipment, as processes like heating a cooking oil and holding it at safe temperatures is key to product consistency.

Also, many products must be heated to create consistency in flow (viscosity), from process to process. By regulating temperatures, heat exchangers reduce or eliminate microbes in food preparation environments, ensuring these products are safe for consumption by reducing spoilage risks.

In addition to overall temperature control, by optimizing heating and cooling processes, such as frying or drying food, heat exchangers maximize efficiency in the food industry. We may not be bakers, but we can be your problem solvers.

Heat Exchanger Design Is Key for the Food Industry

The Food processing industries are dependent on a process surface that prevents product contamination, deters bacterial growth and is easily cleaned. This is accomplished by using alloy materials mechanically polishing and electropolishing process surfaces.

Cleanliness is critical in the food industry. The ability to thoroughly clean equipment regularly is an essential component in our design. Our Rod Thru equipment allows for simple cleaning and assurance that every nook and cranny shines like new. Our equipment provides quality, design and many years of reliable service.

Heat Exchangers that Meet Food Industry Standards

Because R.W. Holland can custom engineer equipment to meet any process or requirement, our products are well-suited for food and beverage industry processes alike. And since all hairpin heat exchangers are A.S.M.E. inspected and Code stamped, our customers can be confident that their heaters will hold up to stringent quality standards.