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Industries Served: Power Generation

Natural Gas power plants use turbine engines to drive their generators. To provide the most efficient combustion, heating the natural gas is necessary. Our Hairpin Heat Exchangers provide the design and durability meet the this need. Discover what partnering with a leading heat exchanger manufacturer can do for you—contact our team the next time you require a reliable heat exchanger for the power generation industry.

Heat Exchanger Considerations for the Power Generation Industry

Every industry is different, and as a result, every industry offers unique factors to consider when choosing a heat exchanger. In the case of the power generation industry, R.W. Holland provides both Natural Gas Heaters for turbine systems as well Fuel Oil Heaters for oil fired systems. When steam or any medium of hot fluid is available, our heat transfer equipment will do the job.

Power Plant Equipment

Power plants, in particular, require robust equipment to ensure that all components are working together to provide efficient clean energy. Hairpin Heat Exchangers provide an efficient and durable solution to direct fire natural gas turbines as well as natural gas/hot oil fired steam generators. The HPHX benefit is in its design. Its design separates inlet and outlet temperatures to be static on individual tubesheets. All stresses due to temperature differential are naturally transferred to the U-bends. This eliminates the forces on tube-to-tubesheet welds providing years of worry-free service.

Quality Heat Exchangers for Power Generation and Beyond!

Tube-to-tube sheet welds are critical in providing quality equipment. R.W. Holland goes the extra mile to prove our tube-to-tubesheet welds. Using a tubesheet mock-up, we prove our process with sectioned samples followed with laboratory macro etching, hardness readings and penetrant testing.

R.W. Holland is confident to promote our equipment as one of the most reliable options for countless industries. We provide easily accessible support documentation for clients to review with unparalleled transparency throughout the manufacturing process. We are proud to offer these heat exchanger manufacturing practices, as they are essential for manufacturing safe equipment for the power generation industry.