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Replacement Bundles

R.W. Holland is here for our customers during emergencies. Not only does our company provide parts for repair projects, we often provide entire replacement bundles when customers require quick solutions with long-term results. Our replacement bundles are similar to our plug-and-play units, as they provide seamless replacement, not requiring any modifications. . Replacement bundles differ by being built to replace the internal makeup of heat exchanger, thus requiring skilled technicians to disassemble, prepare gasket surfaces and re-assemble the HPHX, rather than replace an entire unit.

Lead Times for Replacement Bundles

While lead times can vary according to material availability and delivery, replacement bundles are typically ready in four weeks or earlier. This compares to a new unit, which might require 16-20 weeks to manufacture, depending on the specifications for the new equipment. Specifications, such as API 934, can create lead times up to 40 weeks.

R.W. Holland realizes that the high spec, new equipment order time frame is not ideal for emergency situations. Therefore, we’ve created a streamlined replacement bundle process to ensure our customers are never limited by months of downtime. It is this willingness to meet the customer’s needs, no matter the difficulty, that differentiates R.W. Holland from much of the competition.

Interchangeable Replacement Bundles

Because R.W. Holland receives orders for a wide range of equipment, some of which have been in service for over 50 years, we have to be flexible as a replacement bundle supplier. Prioritizing a balance between speed and quality, our team asks our customers detailed questions to identify the right parts that their equipment requires. Then, the proper replacement bundle is sent to our customers’ facilities, where the faulty original equipment is pulled out of the unit and the replacement equipment is sealed in place.

Purchase Replacement Bundles / Plug-and-Play HPHX Using the Maintenance Budget

Another advantage of replacement bundles and our Plug-and-Play program is that, unlike new equipment, replacement bundles are processed through the maintenance budget, rather than a capital budget. This is beneficial because these budgets are typically receive quick approvals and allow for a fast order release and reduced operational downtime.