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Spare Parts

R.W. Holland is known in our industry as being the company that puts our customers’ needs first and foremost. We stock a large inventory of R.W. Holland parts as well as some competitor parts. Because of our commitment to customers, R.W. Holland provides a wide array of spare parts and equipment for Brown Fintube, Koch Heat Transfer, Alco, Griscom-Russell and Heat Exchanger Design. By providing spare parts quickly and efficiently, R.W. Holland ensures our HPHX customers have a solution to avoid as much downtime as possible.

Spare Part Materials

Spare parts must be manufactured to fit the requirements of each unique heat exchanger, and as such, a spare parts supplier must ensure their product’s quality and fit is right the first time. Gaskets and seals can be made from a wide variety of materials. At R.W. Holland, we hold a full inventory of materials and are capable of working with Hastelloy, titanium, Inconel, duplex, super duplex, stainless alloys and 1 ΒΌ Cr.