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Replacement Equipment

With over 70 combined years of heat transfer experience, R.W. Holland can fabricate replacement equipment that will fit the original equipment specifications of our customers’ units. Explore our comprehensive replacement equipment options below, from bundles to spare parts!

Replacement Bundles

Replacement bundles are built to replace the internal makeup of heat exchanger units, rather than an entire unit. While lead times can vary according to material availability and delivery, replacement bundles are typically ready in four weeks or less.

Spare Parts

R.W. Holland provides a wide array of spare parts and equipment for Brown Fintube, Koch Heat Transfer, Alco, Griscom-Russell and Heat Exchanger Design. If your equipment is down, R.W. Holland can cover you in an emergency.


A major draw for plug-n-play HPHX units is that they arrive fully assembled, effectively eliminating the cost of the disassembly, bundle removal, clean out and re-assembly. Our plug-and-play heat exchangers can be ready in 4-8 weeks for most Hairpins.